Why creating culture change can be a tough nut to crack

Why creating culture change can be a tough nut to crack

Another of our most popular services continues to be the delivery of culture change, through a team of experienced change consultants.

And having collectively as a leading Change Agency spent five decades delivering culture change, we think we may have finally cracked it.

Some of the most common mistakes we see surrounding the subject of culture change include:

  • Whilst leaders are often clear, excited and engaged about the vision and programme of business change (they should be, as they came up with it in the first instance) employees don’t quite get it.
  • Too much leadership and management time and energy is spent on what, with far too little time and resource spent on how.
  • A hopeful over-dependence on ‘transformational’ technologies, shiny new IT systems and the latest marketing campaigns.
  • Valuable time spent by employees and leaders to engage with the latest tool/structure/process works – and then reverting to using the old one instead.
  • Recognised pockets of high performance not being defined and replicated across the whole organisation, to create and enhance organisational change.

Our clients tell us that more than anything else, they need practical help – in the form of relevant, easy-to-understand advice, tools and frameworks that cut through the noise and deliver results.

With this in mind, one of the defining purposes of Pecan Partnership when delivering culture change is to make the ‘soft stuff’ commercial, thus increasing the capability of leaders and managers to lead and embed change.

By delivering culture change in this way, results can be seen on the bottom line, building a high performance organisation where everyone has a clear focus on the critical elements: customers and the market.

If you’d like to find out more about what we do, at Pecan Partnership please feel free to contact us.

Photo by Luca Volpe

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