we create change with you

We don’t do it to you, and never lose sight that it is a privilege to be doing the
work we love with people who share our passion.

People engaged change™

We use two core models to accelerate your change journey

Make it happen

People follow a similar psychological process when going through change. Some move through stages quickly, others take more time. People engaged change recognises what we all need to engage with, accept and commit to, for behaviour to change.

Make it happen infographic

Enable and embed

The people engaged change journey is underpinned by culture enablers. These speed up change adoption and make sure it sticks. There isn’t a right order of implementation – they are applied when and where they will make the biggest difference.

Leaders as role models graphic


The way leaders and key influencers act and the decisions they make clearly reflect the values and desired behaviours

Leaders as role models graphic


Rituals, practices, formal and informal ways of getting work done that embed the values and desired behaviours

Leaders as role models graphic


Operating models, team structures, roles, empowerment and decision making scope are aligned to strategy and target culture

Leaders as role models graphic


Culture and values are hardwired into all aspects of the employee lifecycle, performance management and succession

Leaders as role models graphic


Corporate stories and communications reinforce target culture and the environment physically supports desired behaviours

playbooks, toolkits, learning, apps

Find out more


Find out more

The principles that define our approach


Meet the organisation where it is


Play to strengths and go with the energy


Start with the end in mind


Don’t boil the ocean, be pointy and cut through


Leave a legacy of capability, confidence and continuous improvement

Pecan made it very clear from the start that they were here to help us uncover our current culture and future direction, rather than impose 'their ways' of doing culture.
Because of this the work we have is authentically ours and gives us a better chance of launching, embedding and sustaining the culture our people want.
They created safe spaces, encouraged contributions that would be valued, and distilled that down into a piece of work that respects our complexity in a succinct playbook.