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Pecan’s playbooks, toolkits, learning and apps provide you and your teams with fundamental information, engagement and support, helping you embed culture and behaviour change quickly.

Playbooks originated in American football as a means of describing the ‘plays’ the team would make to win the game.

Pecan’s Playbooks are designed to support organisations to win and are typically used during the Awareness phase of the change journey.

Context for change

Pecan’s playbooks provide context for change

  • What the organisation is about – your purpose
  • Where the organisation is going – your vision
  • How it will get there – your strategy

Key tactics

Having set the context for change, Pecan’s playbooks set expectations for how colleagues behave and describe ‘the way we do things around here’

  • Culture and values
  • Beliefs and behaviours
  • Customer experience

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Culture has never resonated with me as it does now, which is testament to the great work we have carried out recently with Pecan.  I am confident that in implementing our new playbook we can empower our people to hold each other accountable to our values and improve the way we operate.

Pecan has been developing bespoke toolkits for clients for over 10 years. They support teams during the Involvement phase of an organisation’s change journey.

Empowering managers

Pecan’s  toolkits provide leaders and managers with everything they need to engage their teams to make new decisions and work in new ways that deliver the organisation’s strategy

  • Frameworks
  • Templates
  • Exercises

They are designed so any capable people manager can cause sustained behaviour change and top quartile engagement across their team.

New world of work toolkit

Three months into the Covid pandemic our research highlighted that organisations were looking for ways to boost productivity, performance and resilience whilst maintaining wellbeing.

This 3-step toolkit provides leaders and managers with everything they need to quickly get teams performing at their best.

Download the New world of work toolkit flyer below


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    Pecan produce great materials and their toolkits are an excellent and practical way to facilitate conversations.  They are created with the client in mind, so in today’s busy world which is full of ambiguity and where leaders need to focus on those things that really matter, they are an ideal way to create meaningful connections
    Fidelity International

    Blended learning

    Pecan’s blended learning offering is designed to support organisations and teams during the Performance phase of its change journey.  Programmes are designed to cause a step change in performance that becomes self-sustaining.

    Content is reusable and accessible from any location and device, with bite-size, virtual or face-to-face workshops, and lots of practice to ensure learning is embedded and used.

    Blended approach

    In addition to providing bespoke blended learning Pecan have developed three generic packages in response to repeated client requests.

    • Performance coaching for all Establishing a coaching culture across the organisation
    • Straight talking to enhance performance Creating a culture of high trust and straightforward communication, where people balance challenging directly with caring personally
    • Adaptive working Creating an agile and responsive culture that delivers efficiently to customers

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    You have had a phenomenal impact on senior leaders and our front line managers.  You are flexible and adaptable, making great content relevant to different audiences and you built on what had already been done.  Customer satisfaction is improving month on month.
    Fidelity International

    Embedding new habits into day-to-day working takes repeated practise.

    Pecan’s bespoke apps deliver reminders to prompt action and provide easy access to tools and frameworks that support attitude and behaviour change.

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