our values

However big or small our involvement, what makes us proud is knowing we’ve made a long term, sustainable and tangible difference to your people, your customers and your business success.


We see the potential in people and believe everyone wants to give of their best. The spirit of our relationships combines curiosity and compassion with candour. We play to strengths – yours and ours - to cut through and drive progress.

Power in

We combine the neuroscience of how people learn and what causes habits to change with creating energy, creativity, drive and ownership. Bringing the two together speeds up change and sets you up to go from strength to strength.


Bold and ambitious goals challenge our thinking and inspire us to keep innovating and improving. Great performance is about being courageous, acting now and learning.


Our Team

Our charities

Since Pecan started in 2012, we have sponsored two charities that are very close to our hearts and whose visions we greatly admire.

Making the Leap

Making the Leap a London-based charity that improves social mobility by raising the aspirations of, and increasing opportunities for, young people between the ages of 11 and 30.

Their vision is for every young person in our country to have the chance to succeed; and every company, organisation and institution to have a part to play in making it happen.

Making the leap charity logo

Action Duchenne

Duchenne muscular dystrophy causes the dystrophin gene to stop the body making a vital muscle protein and over time this causes muscles to weaken and waste away.

The first signs of Duchenne happen in the early years of life and it is usually diagnosed around 4 years old. The condition reduces life expectancy to an average of approximately 30 years and it has no cure.

Action Duchenne’s vision is to create a world where lives are no longer limited by Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Action Duchenne charity logo

Pecan created a positive, collaborative environment to allow us to really scrutinise the underlying behaviours that support how we want to live as an organisation.