How to deliver a consistent brand experience across an extended organisation

How to deliver a consistent brand experience across an extended organisation

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One of the challenges we’re seeing at Pecan Partnership, is how to deliver a consistent, high quality brand experience across an extended organisation – which, these days, is likely to include contracted third-parties working under a brand.

These contracted third parties often deliver a service, but not always an extension of the brand experience. There is a huge difference, of course, and as change consultants we’re masters at observing brand experiences.

I come across this often when dealing with Financial Services companies that have outsourced parts of their customer service to third-parties.

It can be hard enough within organisations to deliver a consistently good customer service experience across multiple sites, channels and touchpoints with one’s own staff, let alone the employees who work for another third-party contracted organisation.

What’s the solution?

Here’s a few tips from our leading change agency on how to protect and nurture a brand experience in an extended organisation:

  • Senior management buy-in and relationship management:  Most service providers are motivated to retain clients, so engaging senior people on more than just the basics – such as terms of a contract – and instead developing their skills in true partnership rather than the traditional client/supplier model is critically important.
  • Assume that everyone wants to deliver a great brand experience: Use this as the starting point – people aren’t stupid, and they know if they’re delivering a poor service level. Help them with people-engaged change.
  • Creative thinking and good execution in engaging staff: It can be a challenge due to location, language, culture, time, management capability and organisational identities, but there’s no excuse for not sending out strong commercial messages, clear examples of a unified organisational attitude, and experiential case studies for increased employee engagement.
  • Clear and simple success measure everybody understands: These need to be reported on and made visible, so that people understand certain changes are permanent, and not part of the latest marketing campaign.
  • Reinforcement and workplace embedding: Catching an employee doing something well and recognising it is a fundamental and powerful way to build positivity and good habits over time.

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