Press Release: Pecan Partnership and Hedgehog Strategy launch their ‘People Powered Purpose’ service to help organisations deliver purpose with clarity, ease and impact

Press Release: Pecan Partnership and Hedgehog Strategy launch their ‘People Powered Purpose’ service to help organisations deliver purpose with clarity, ease and impact


UK-based consultancies Pecan Partnership and Hedgehog Strategy launched a new service today (11 October 2022) aimed at organisations who are serious about having purpose sit at their heart – moving it from the periphery to its strategic core. The ‘People Powered Purpose’ service is designed to remove the complexities and confusion workplaces experience when creating operational alignment with their purpose.

Pecan and Hedgehog’s new service will help organisations respond to the shifts in customer and employee expectations; according to Havas Group, 73% of people think organisations must act now for the good of society and the planet.

Hedgehog’s Director, Alyson Chadwick, said: “Purpose is not a new concept, but it’s often talked about as an add-on, a way to give something back to the community as part of a CSR programme. But to benefit from the power of organisational purpose, it needs to be taken off the sidelines and weaved into the fabric of a company through its people – a reason why we developed People Powered Purpose.

“Our service delivers a practical and agile framework that knits a golden thread through an organisation’s products and services, decision-making, and leadership and culture, to drive
sustainable profitable growth, deepen relationships with stakeholders, and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. And for organisations that get it right, the benefits are clear: they are attracting top talent, experiencing business growth, increasing profits and having a broader positive impact on society.”

Ella Overshott, Director, Pecan Partnership, added: “Today’s business landscape is a myriad of challenges; workplaces are grappling with the impact of The Great Resignation, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the rising cost of living. So, attracting and retaining talented people is increasingly difficult, coupled with heavy change programmes and remote or hybrid working. On top of this, there’s greater scrutiny of an organisation’s social and environmental actions. People expect more of the organisations they work for; they want meaning in their work and to be part of an organisation they feel proud of.”

Ella continued: “With campaigns like the Better Business Act, the pressure to change isn’t going away, and rightly so. Younger generations coming into the workforce are making ‘purpose’ a strategic imperative, not just a nice to have. Now is the time for leaders to seize opportunities and stay ahead of the curve. The collective benefits emerge when everyone inside an organisation aligns with the purpose and creates a culture that delivers on it day-to-day, contributing to a responsible, conscious and sustainable business.

“It’s an exciting time to launch our ‘People Powered Purpose’ against a backdrop where purposeful brands will win the hearts and minds of their people and customers. We’re looking forward to supporting organisations at any stage of their purpose journey and help them realise their people, planet and profit ambitions.”


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