Pecan news – Spring 2021

Pecan news – Spring 2021

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021, giving you insight into our most recent client work and trends in culture, change and performance.


Shaping the Future of Work


Helping organisations learn from the dramatic change in ways of working over the past 12 months and make deliberate choices about their future workplace culture


  • Creating insight into different expectations and preferences
  • Aligning leaders around a common vision
  • Establishing a simple set of future of work principles
  • Developing a roadmap for successful implementation

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Supporting clients to design proactively inclusive cultures. The start point is a holistic EDI culture health-check that gets under the skin of unwritten rules, prevailing mindsets and working practices; what’s keeping it stuck and priorities to create step-change.

Often EDI gets Executive attention due to a crisis event or report which positions it as a problem. The response can then become reactive rather than a strategic decision to create an inclusive culture by design, with all the benefits it brings such as

  • Financial returns above national medians
  • Increased innovation revenue
  • Attraction and retention of next generation talent

Our approach enables a bold, brave, game-changing plan that creates deep-rooted, lasting change – not a sticky plaster solution.


Boosting wellbeing and effectiveness


Following a very successful pilot, we are rolling out a programme focused on helping individuals fulfil their ambitions, maximise their impact and wellbeing for themselves, their friends and family. It draws on the best and latest in the fields of wellbeing, high-performance, emotional intelligence, resilience, neuroscience, personal purpose and values.

Results and feedback are outstanding

  • Self-awareness +15%
  • Stakeholder relationships +13%
  • Self-directed learning +13%
  • Maintaining high wellbeing +12%


Reinvigorating Purpose and Values


Our clients are taking the opportunity to reinvigorate their purpose and values to emerge stronger and bolder after lockdown. Enforced remote-working has created a sense of disconnect for many people – leaders want to reboot their culture and re-engage with what it’ll take to reach the next level of performance. We have been helping


  • Measure the degree to which values are being lived and breathed
  • Identify current strengths to celebrate and areas to develop
  • Refresh values and behaviours
  • Test them with real, day-to-day dilemmas
  • Prioritise levers to pull that will have the biggest impact on people and customers


Developing signature skills

As clients move into the ‘Performance’ stage of culture evolution, when new conversations and habits become the norm, signature skills, such as, straight-talking and coaching are making a huge difference.  This is what we’re hearing from colleagues about a recent straight-talking programme that involved everyone across the business.

“Better understanding of goals without confusion and fluff”
“Issues raised sooner and resolved faster”
“More positive feedback is being given, boosting morale”
“Straight-talking is bringing to the surface issues that haven’t been addressed”
“I’m able to get answers to things quicker and with more detail than before”


We believe culture change is an evolution


So we have refreshed our own values, to reflect what matters most to us and our clients

  • Light touch, lasting impact
  • Power in partnership
  • Science + passion
  • Dream + evolve


Please share our news with anyone who will find it inspiring and beneficial and we wish you all the best for the next phase of 2021.

In the meantime, we send a final word from Otis, Pecan’s Head of Wellbeing.

Regular exercise, ideally outdoors, is essential for wellbeing. It raises our energy, lifts our spirits and stops us chewing the furniture


For more inspiration, checkout some of our favourite recent research

Read this – The Neuroscience of Trust 

Watch this – Brené Brown – The Call to Courage available on Netflix. There is an insightful section on Inclusive Culture 58 minutes in.


Tell us your views on the Future of Work in our poll


As the roadmap to lifting lockdown restrictions brings greater certainty, organisations who haven’t already been considering what their future world of work will look like are sensing the urgency to do so.

We would love to hear about your plans. Your responses are confidential and we will share our findings with you. If you are not currently employed in an organisation, please share this with your network to gather views from others who are.

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