1) Creating a deliberate culture in a hybrid world

1) Creating a deliberate culture in a hybrid world

Many companies plan to maintain increased remote working for the long term and are asking themselves, ‘How do we ensure we have an attractive, high performing culture in a hybrid world of work?’

A desire to continue remote working makes sense given the upsides experienced by many

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Reduced absence
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Opportunities to expand the talent pool

However, recent research carried out by Management Today suggests that more than 70% of businesses are finding it harder to maintain their culture the longer people are working from home.

Findings from Pecan’s future of work with clients highlights the challenges of

sustained remote working as

  • Loss of social connections/sense of belonging
  • Limited organisation-wide communication and anecdotal updates
  • Potential burnout through lack of time out and time away from work

Loss of identity and cohesive, powerful ‘ways of doing things around here’ that deliver best engagement, performance and customer experience – aka culture


So how do you build an attractive, high performing culture that harnesses the benefits of hybrid working?

The short answer is be deliberate.

The starting point is to get clear about what your organisation’s future of work is and what it isn’t.  Then create a self-sustaining movement through methodically and consciously applying five key enablers.

Over the next three weeks Pecan will pass on our best hints and tips on how to deliberately create a distinctive culture in a hybrid world of work.

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