Culture evolution & Customer centricity



Increase in productivity


Increase in revenue


Increase in profit


Multiple sites are responsible for different stages of the customer journey. Each site had developed its own identity, culture and sales process, effectively operating as separate departments.  Whilst there were pockets of good practice, none of these were shared, causing an inconsistent customer experience, resulting lost sales and customer attrition.


Worldpay wanted a solution that fitted with their values and culture and delivered longstanding development and performance benefits. They wanted to develop their managers as coaches and for all roles to experience blended learning and development.

We started by understanding best practice from across all sites and engaged leaders and managers in defining ‘what good looks like’ in terms of mindsets, behaviours and success measures. The programme was launched at the national sales conference and endorsed by leaders from across the business.

Design principles


Culture was key to the success of the programme, with all colleagues adopting a mindset of ‘Own your learning journey’ and ‘Learn and test’.

Managers repositioned themselves as coaches, orchestrating collaboration and sharing best practice across sites.

All sites adopted common ways of working and a consistent ‘model day/model week’ to support cross-site communication.

Structured learning was blended and included gamification, with easy access to up to date materials and information.