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Good Energy


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Increase in ENPS


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As a founder-led business the purpose and values had been implicit in the original vision for Good Energy. As the business grew and many new leaders joined, the strategy and culture became increasingly open to interpretation, diluting the original purpose and vision. Early commercial success started to falter in an increasingly competitive market.


Outside in visioning

Building on external customer and market research, four core values were identified to deliver Good Energy’s purpose and mission and capture the essence of how Good Energy does things around here.

Customer and People Promises were also defined. These provided clarity and consistent understanding of what the vision looked like in practice and set expectations for high performance.


Create a movement

All colleagues were involved in engagement offsites, with teams articulating what the values meant for them behaviourally, creating ownership for living the values. Priority shifts were identified, including changes in mindset.

Leaders explored what they needed to do to create the conditions for these shifts to be successful and committed to specific actions to make this happen.

Leaders and culture champions worked together to engage the whole organisation using toolkits for strategy engagement, values, Teambrief communications and games such as dilemma cards, to create meaning for everyone.

These were subsequently built into recruitment, on-boarding, performance management and recognition practices to create a ‘golden thread’ from role to Good Energy’s purpose.

Signature ways of working

Three core areas of capability were needed to successfully deliver the strategy in a way which lives the values – Straight-talking; Performance Coaching and Adaptive Working. Programmes were co-created and co-delivered encompassing mindset, behaviours and working practices, initially for leaders and managers, now being rolled out to all employees using a blended approach.

Day in the life

Good Energy has recently invested in a new IT platform, triggering extensive transformation of the customer operations team. A fresh wave of culture workshops has been co-created and co-delivered to engage everyone in their future world. Mapping out the new Day in the Life for key roles brought clarity, ownership and energy to the team and surfaced practical steps needed to make their new world operate successfully.


Throughout the culture evolution, Good Energy leaders have been supported with 121 and team coaching where needed. The Executive Team received 360 feedback gathered by a Pecan director, summarised in personal portraits and explored together to lean into strengths and address blindspots.

A team of Super-coaches has been developed to provide day-to-day coaching expertise across the organisation and accelerate change.

Hybrid Working Toolkit

In response to the pandemic, Good Energy quickly moved to remote working for the whole organisation, including their customer operations centre.

As lockdown lifted leaders wanted to establish new ways of working that built on the positive aspects of remote working and empower people to overcome the potential challenges of hybrid working.

As well as supporting practical challenges such as balancing the needs of individuals with that of the wider team, the toolkit was designed to continue the cultural evolution to become more inclusive, strengthen trust and empowerment.

The toolkit includes four conversation guides, each with frameworks and templates for practical application

  • #1 Reflect and Reconnect
  • #2 Team Game Plan
  • #3 Refocus and Prioritise
  • #4 Retro

Working with Pecan has definitely contributed to our outstanding engagement results which are now 80%. Our ENPS has increased +41% and our NPS has increased +32%. Pecan bring a valuable blend of psychological insight with commercial and practical application.