Coaching high performance

Every successful organisation is built upon high-performing teams. But lots of organisations are realising that high-performance can be hard to sustain over the long-term. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressure of multiple priorities and near-constant change.

We know how important it is to get the right balance between productivity and wellbeing – both at a team and individual level. Meaningful work is essential for motivating high-performance but it can be a double-edged sword and lead to burnout when people care so much about what they do that they struggle to maintain boundaries, ask for help and empower others.

In the right environment, Productivity and wellbeing are not opposites – they support and reinforce each other. Meaningful, productive work boosts self-esteem and good mental and physical health creates stamina for performance over the long-term.

Key to  creating this environment is  trust and candour within teams, where people feel psychologically safe to express ideas and concerns.

Our coaching services can be provided for teams, individuals and peer groups. Download our flyer here for more information.


High-performing teams know why they exist and what they need to achieve in the context of delivering the organisation’s strategy. This is where we start – defining team purpose and vision. Our Leadership Advantage programme helps build organisations that deliver sustained exceptional results by harnessing the full potential of your executive team.

It combines clarity of Purpose, Ambition and Strategy with the Attitudes and Behaviours that create a dynamic Culture of collective responsibility. Where the organisation thrives, because everyone in it understands what is ‘most important’, is impelled by the cause, and is empowered to deliver at their best.

We provide this offering in partnership with Hedgehog, a boutique strategy house, each bringing their expertise and specialism to provide you with the best guidance and support.

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Teams whose ambition goes beyond themselves, who are determined to deliver their own goals to ensure the team’s success, achieve consistently better results.

Teams who are ‘in flow’ dramatically outperform those that aren’t. They also experience greater levels of wellbeing.  Creating flow in others is about understanding their strengths and then applying appropriate levels of challenge and support. Creating flow within teams is about enabling the team to bring out the best in each other.

We use neuroscience and diagnostics tools to  fully appreciate individual and  team strengths . We explore

  • How strengths are currently achieving successful outcomes
  • Untapped talent that can be dialled-up
  • Weaknesses and potential blind spots that are getting in the way of performance
  • Team strengths profiles and how to use them to maximum affect


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Strengths are a good indicator of team values and the conditions they needed to perform at their best

Our 100 Day Leadership Shift programme creates a rapid, focused step change in performance when a team wants to accelerate change readiness, culture change and engagement.

The programme works through a combination of semi-structured team coaching and 1:1 coaching over 100 days. The team commits to shifting specific behaviours and working practices to address business change priorities.

Individuals are given tailored coaching, ‘working on the work’, to achieve their part of the shift. With robust frameworks to hold the team and each individual to account for progress made. Download our flyer here.



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The intensive and practical nature of this approach catalyses rapid change that embeds within the leadership team and across the whole organisation.

Trust, psychological safety and resilience are foundation blocks for individuals and teams to build effective relationships and cut through challenges to deliver results.

The VUCA environment that organisations are navigating, along with hybrid working, make it even more important to continually develop these foundations.,

Our approach uses a blend of psychological models, rapport-building and skilled coaching  to strengthen emotional intelligence  and  capability.

Individuals can then take ownership for managing stress, improving their well-being and strengthening their relationships.

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Create the space for meaningful conversations is essential to sustaining high-performance