Organisations who develop a truly customer-centric culture have highly engaged people and substantially higher performance – just look at the results.

Pecan Partnership can help you achieve this.

We provide insight, tools, facilitation and coaching that deliver the results you and your customers want.

We improve performance through culture change, people engagement, leadership development and building change capability.


Companies with a high employee engagement score have twice the customer loyalty than companies with average employee engagement.

Engaged employees say that their job brings out their most creative ideas, nearly 20 times more than those who are less engaged.

Companies with engagement scores in the top quartile have twice the annual net profit of those who are in the bottom quartile.

What We Do

Culture Change

Culture is commonly described simply as behaviours – the way we do things around here. This is just one layer of culture and is strongly influenced by values, attitudes, assumptions and beliefs that can be much harder to pin down, let alone do anything about.

The challenge with changing organisation culture is that much of the mindset involved is habitual. These mindsets may have been vital to previous success … so why would you change them?

Because markets, customers, and expectations change. If we are to compete we need to change. And change is speeding up.

Common perception is that it takes five years to change an organisation’s culture. Do you have that long?

Probably not and so we have developed tools, frameworks and techniques that speed up the process.

Many clients start with creating deep and honest insight into their current culture – what is causing it, helpful characteristics to preserve and what needs to shift to truly change the way things are done around here.

People Engagement

Research tells us that more than 60% of change programmes fail. Of the less than 40% that “succeed” many fail to embed and achieve the benefits they were intended to generate. That’s because organisations don’t change until the people in them change.

But engaging people in the process of change is hard and takes:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Skill and confidence

We understand that. The standard change curve doesn’t inspire confidence. It looks like it will take a lot of time and energy to start to match previous performance, never mind improve on it – surely the key reason for change?

Good news!

Change doesn’t need to be like that. Pecan has established four simple steps, each with tangible outcomes, that uplift performance, accelerate change develop skills and confidence and successfully embed change.

We call this People Engaged Change™

Developing Change-ability

We have developed a simple, 4-step framework that helps you understand where you are in the change journey and what to do more or less of to create momentum, improve engagement, uplift performance and embed change to deliver maximum return.

High Performance Leadership

“The truth is, few groups of leaders actually work like a team, at least not the kind that is required to lead a healthy organization”
Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage

In our experience, more time is spent on agreeing the strategy than developing a leadership team in fit shape to deliver it. Without the latter, the former will always remain an aspiration.

We work with leadership teams to create the climate in which a high-performing, customer-centric culture will flourish. This takes clarity about the results you want to achieve and personal accountability for your part in achieving them. High-performing teams are supportive, hold each other to account and know that they are collectively responsible for delivering common objectives.

For this to become real, leadership teams need to be comfortable with a productive level of conflict, difficult debate and commit to decision-making.

Underpinning all of this is trust – without a high level of trust across the team leaders will “go through the motions”, and so will their people.

We use a structured high-performing team framework to diagnose what’s working well now and where more attention and support is needed. We work with you to “unlearn” old habits and form new, more effective ones that will deliver the results you want and need. This is achieved by working at both a team and an individual level.


Changing organisational culture takes tenacity, a high degree of self-awareness and bags of energy.

Once clients have built collective momentum behind their culture change we find individuals find great value in 121 coaching. This typically supports them to:

  • Keep focused on the priorities that are making the biggest difference
  • Transform relationships with key stakeholders and across organisational silos
  • ‘Unblock’ and speed up change
  • Heighten their EQ
  • Engage their teams fully in the new way of being and doing

Our coaches have all led culture change within organisations and understand the reality of driving the car whilst changing the tyres. Coaching involves 121 conversations, 360 psychometrics and on the job observation and feedback.

How We Do It

“Culture”, “engagement”, “transformation” – these are words that are increasingly used in business, health, sport, in fact any sector where people are striving for exceptional performance (usually with fewer resources).

So what makes us different? Clients tell us it is a combination of our attitude, values, experience and approach.
Our approach involves a blend of facilitation, frameworks and support that catalyse change, build momentum and embed new mindsets and behaviours.
We’ve run high pressure, fast-moving operations in corporates and start-ups and this experience has built fundamental principles that determine the way we work.

Most culture/behavioural change programmes focus on just that, behaviours. Leaders and managers tell their people to DO things differently. At best this causes short-lived change – it doesn’t sustain or embed because it’s not driven by personal choice and motivation..

So, we start by helping you define the prize, the WIN that you want to achieve, in simple terms. Understanding your brand ambitions, commercial aspirations, getting crystal clear on what success looks like and WIIFM (What’s in it for me) – in measurable terms – creates appetite for change.

Then we work with you to raise awareness of the mindsets, attitudes and beliefs that are causing the current way of doing things and we tap into people’s individual desire to be the best they can be. We call this the BE.  In our experience, focusing on the BE is the only way to create sustainable high-performance.


“You held the mirror up to us, helping us understand our current position. You got the “heartbeat” of our organisation very quickly and understood the unwritten rules that were causing some of the poor behaviours. It felt intuative although I’m sure it’s from years’ of experience”. 

Kathy Cowell, OBE, Chair of Your Housing Group

Our Skills

Change Partnering

Pecan People

We’ve run high pressure, fast-moving operations in corporates and start-ups and this experience has built the fundamental principles that determine the way we work.

We come from a range of agency and client-side roles including people strategy, communications, customer experience, culture change, organisation design, leadership and management development, change management and colleague engagement.

“Our leaders now have a much greater understanding of people’s needs going through change – not just about the process but how we engage the peoples’ hearts and minds. You’ve give them knowledge and really practical tools that they can apply immediately.”

Wendy Nicholls, Leadership and Talent Development Manager, Nationwide Building Society”

Penny Loveless

Andrew Loveless

Ella Overshott

Jo Grady

Zara Simpson-Dobinson

William Galton

Aly King-Smith

Kate van Kampen

Andrea Turnbull

Gemma Bullivant

Ian Moore

Angella Hill-Wilson

Sarah Roberts

Jane Anglin

Nigel Murphy

Lucy Palmer

Victoria Golding

Sorrel Roberts

Alex Walker

Stuart Trevena

Roderic Yapp

David Coleman

“We wanted to move away from a tick-box old style bank strategy to new world development of individuals in order to get the best out of them. You have helped us get the management population to think differently and adopt a planned and structured approach in working with their people.”

Chris Flight, Head of Select, Santander

Pecan Philosophy


Our clients tell us that our candour and openness help them to quickly get to the root cause of the culture they have now, and the personal changes needed to create the culture they want. And we appreciate their feedback in return.

Clients tell us that we’re different, that we care. And we do. Our motto is “meet the organisation where it is today to take it where it wants to be tomorrow”. We don’t judge, we appreciate, empathise and absorb your world so that we can help you change it into the one you want it to become.

We want you to be the best that you can be and for us to be the same. We love it when our clients win awards and achieve results that they didn’t believe were possible as a result of our involvement. Desire to win creates the right conditions for change, it helps you to make courageous, transformative decisions and to do the right thing.

We don’t believe there is only one way to achieve an outcome, or that our way is automatically the best way. We are interested in you, your organisation, what you’ve done that works and why and what you’ve done that didn’t work so well. We learn something new from every programme we do and often incorporate it into our approach going forwards.

Teamwork, with our clients, members of Pecan and strategic partners, creates intelligence and speeds up change. We expect our relationships to be adult:adult and believe that communication from the heart transforms any situation and your experience.

Our Charities

We are delighted to have been able to make further donations this year to three charities close to our hearts Douglas House Hospice, Making the Leap and Action Duchenne. Congrats to Ella for raising a further £1000 for Action Duchenne by completing the gruelling Tough Mudder course last year.


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