Customer centricity

We work with organisations to put customers’ needs right at the heart of your culture. This ensures that everyone, whether customer facing or not, knows the role they play in delivering to customers, and what it takes to maintain and increase customer loyalty.

This is about more than having a great brand. It’s about bringing your brand experience to life through all customer interactions. Having employees feeling proud of the experience they create for customers and the stories that are told as a result.

A description of what your organisation looks, sounds and feels like when customers are at the heart of your decision making. This includes a definition of the customer experience you need to create to inspire advocacy and loyalty and the practices that will deliver it consistently, each and every time.

Having a set of behaviours that all functions sign up to whether customer facing or not, cuts through conflicting demands and supports everyone to do the right thing.

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Involve customers to highlight blind spots and encourage colleagues to ‘become your customers’ describing their experience using their voice. Taking on your customer’s persona creates a level of emotional engagement that is impossible to access while viewing customers as a third party

Plot your typical customer relationship journeys – pre, during, and in the ongoing relationship post-sale. Map those journeys against the functions and departments in your organisation – who do customers interact with, for what purpose and when?  How well is the journey working – as a whole, and the individual points of contact? What are the critical outputs and inputs between departments and functions?

This is followed by experiential workshops where teams come together (physically or virtually) to reproduce the map, describe the role they play in the customer journey and what they need from one another to deliver the best customer experience.

A customer experience is only as good as the weakest point in a customer journey. Knowing what is working well and making a difference provides opportunities for replication. Knowing, at a granular level, what needs to be addressed makes improvements manageable.

Putting the power for change in the hands of your people establishes new ways of working that deliver better experiences for customers. It also strengthens engagement, personal accountability and business alignment.

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Where possible, involve current, lapsed and lost customers to highlight what works well and areas for improvement. Plug into the intelligence of your teams closest to customers by encouraging them to lead this work

We equip teams with the attitude and skills to deliver your customer promise. Customer facing teams are developed to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience every time. Teams interfacing with customer facing teams learn to prioritise customer needs in support of their customer facing teammates.

This results in better conversion rates, increased cross and up sales and improved retention rates. Customer relationships are deepened, and advocacy is built. Managers are developed as coaches to sustain and build on early results.

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Make excellent customer experience your overriding measure of success and empower your people to deliver it